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Wilga Park Morgans

Wilga Park Silver Sabre

Read about Silver Sabre below ... Latest photos are at just 4 years.

Sabre - 3 years Sabre 4 years - Champion Ridden Entire Morgan - ANMS March 2018
Sabre 4 years old at Australian National Horse Show - March 2018 Sabre 4 years old at Australian National Horse Show - March 2018
Sabre 4 years old at Australian National Horse Show - March 2018 Sabre 4 years old at Australian National Horse Show - March 2018
4 year old Sabre and Kathy - riding lesson!

TEQ Qld State Morgan Show October 2017 - Champion Stallion

Just turned 4 - first ridden Show - 2nd Ridden Stallion

3 years old

Photos above as a three year old Photos below as a 2.5 year old

Reserve Champion Stallion/Colt at Toowoomba Royal Show.

At 27 months of age, Sabre pipped two older stallions for this title. 5 stallions and colts were exhibited.

Love that hair! Surfer Dude.
Reserve Champion Stallion/Colt at Warwick Show - 3 stallions/colts exhibited Greg and Sabre watching the older stallions in the Ring
Reserve Champion Stallion Colt Pittsworth Show - 4 stallion and colts were exhibited In the line up with Greg at Pittsworth Show! This Judge knew Cortez well from his years of winning Supreme Dilute and Morgan classes. She mentioned to Greg, after the class, that the Judges had all been talking of Cortez just the day before, at the Pittsworth Show, and wondered how his progeny were going. She was very complimentary about Sabre being a beautiful representative of his Sire.
2nd in a long line up for Best Behaved on Parade Beautifully behaved with other stallions and mares around
Photos above - Sabre at 24 months of age Practice for Qld State Morgan Show
Silver Sabre 2 months old in photos above

A stunning young colt

Silver Sabre - that breadth of forehead and huge eye!! I love how this boy is put together
Lovely uphill canter with his surrogate Mum, Gracious the Standardbred
A leggy boy. Trying out his legs.

Silver Sabre is a smokey black colt ... in fact homozygous black with one cream gene! Just what I had wished for in a Cortez x Calypso Eagleview Skybeau - see her story colt. He is rather precious to us as he was an embryo transfer foal. Calypso (aka Eagleview Skybeau) had a traumatic breach birth in 2012 where she lost her beautiful big buckskin filly, so the decision was made to attempt a couple of embryo transfers ... and with time Calypso might be ready to carry one of her own. (Calypso managed to give us one last filly - the only one of her breeding - Wilga Park Sassafras)

This glorious boy has the most beautiful temperament.

Sabre is growing into a spectacular young colt. His mind is so sensible and he is so very trainable. He will certainly be following in his father's footsteps as a stallion with that recognisable trait - superb temperament. He also has the athleicism that the combination of Cortez and Calypso genes bestow on their progeny. I am excited about this boy's future as an equine athlete.

Sabre has two older full siblings, geldings Serjania and Santa Cruz, and a younger full sibling, Filly - Sassafras, who are also EE aa nCr ... homozygous smokey black. The geldings live in the same paddock in Victoria. Jan who bought Serjania as a 15 month old gelding just had to have another one like him for her daughter ... so snapped up Santa Cruz when he was just two months old. He also has a bay full brother (just 3 months younger) carried by another surrogate mare, Vroom. His name is Summer Storm and he is another superb example of this wonderful cross.

Sabre is beginning to be recognised in the Show Ring as a horse who will be a wonderful saddle horse ... and he is bringing home Reserve Champion Ribbons over the older stallions being shown.

Description of the Silver Sabre:

"This multi-purpose sage has the striking good looks of an ornamental, plus the delicious flavour of a culinary herb. Sage was always revered as a wonder herb that cured all diseases and was even thought to have magical qualities. It was regarded with the utmost respect from all corners of the world, from the Egyptians to the Native Americans."

… Striking good looks, magical, delicious, command respect … all these words are a perfect description of this beautiful specimen of Morgan horse.


Last updated July 2018

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